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Program Management 

Information Systems




We provide professional services related to program management and information systems requirements. We provide these and other advisory and assistance services with the goal of helping governments deliver for their citizens.



Our Advisory and Assistance Services consist of: Management and Professional Support Services (e.g., program/project management; acquisition/procurement support; logistics and lifecycle management support; project monitoring, data collection, and reporting; planning and budgeting; and, administrative support); Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations to support policy development, decision-making, management, and administration; and, Technical Services to ensure effective operation and maintenance of a major system.


Program management

Program Evaluations, Studies, Analyses, & Planning │ Program Requirements Development │ Quality and Change Control Management (Business Process Reengineering & Continuous Process Improvement) │ Budget and Cost Management │ Communications Management │ Workforce Development & Human Resource Management │ Risk Assessments & Management│ Procurement (Acquisition) Management │ Records Management │ Project Design & Planning │ Operations Management │ Administrative Management │ Information Systems and Records Management │ Business Analytics


Information Systems

Database Development & Administration │ Application Development │ Computer Network Administration │ Information Systems Security Compliance (NIST Controls) │ Intrusion Detection (Cyber Defense) │ Remediation │ Business Analytics │ Data & Records Management │ Help Desk

CMMC LEVEL 3 (Ready!)
110 Controls/Practices

Buying from Us

We provide our services through a variety contract vehicles and a network of industry partners. So, our services are accessible to state, local, and federal customers (i.e., Defense and Civilian Sectors in Cleared and Uncleared spaces), as well as to commercial customers.


Who Are We?
Our Vision

As professionals of J. Terry & Associates, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering quality services and products for the security and wellbeing of our nation. We apply multifaceted expertise, skills, and experience to meet the diverse and emerging challenges that governmental organizations and industry face, wherever this mission may take us. We measure our success by the success of our customers in meeting their goals.

What Do We Do?
Our Mission

We provide innovative program management, information security, and other advisory and assistance services to help governments deliver for their citizens. In so doing, we help government customers identify and maximize the benefits of their resources, improve their processes, and deploy and protect information systems.

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