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Program Management

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We provide customers, primarily in the US Federal Civilian and Defense sectors, with a range of support services to meet strategic and operational goals related to people, processes, and technology requirements. Our organizational evaluations and plans, as well as our implementation support for those plans and technology deployments ensure our customers are well organized, staffed, and leveraging technology to be effective as well as efficient. Further complementing our programmatic support are our procurement (acquisition) services to ensure organizational readiness to meet the mission and goals of our customers. In short, we provide a comprehensive set of full-lifecycle program management support services, to include those detailed below. So, we can confidently say that we stand ready, willing, and able to ensure the success of our customers!

Program Evaluations, Studies, Analyses, & Planning │ Program Requirements Development │ Quality and Change Control Management (Business Process Reengineering & Continuous Process Improvement) │ Budget and Cost Management │ Communications Management │ Workforce Development & Human Resource Management │ Risk Assessments & Management│ Procurement (Acquisition) Management │ Records Management │ Project Design & Planning │ Operations Management │ Administrative Management │ Information Systems and Records Management │ Business Analytics

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