J. Terry & Associates, Inc. deploys program and project management professionals to apply industry standards (e.g., Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)), tools, and techniques to ensure programmatic goals are realized. For example, our program and project managers apply their expertise in the ten-defined knowledge areas of project management (i.e., project integration and scope management, schedule management, cost/financial management, quality management, human resources, communications management, risk management, procurement/acquisition management, and stakeholder management) to complement organizational expertise and meet project and programmatic goals for almost any organization.


Through our programmatic support, J. Terry & Associates, Inc. has developed expertise in the multiple facets of customer operations such that J. Terry & Associates, Inc. provides overall programmatic and administrative support related to any number of our customers’ operations and facilities (e.g., cost and budget analysis, travel and logistics support, professional and administrative staffing, facilities support).